Guild Tug

April 6, 2011  |  Dune, Portfolio
Guild Tug


Guild Tug. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Dune, Paris, 1975
Original artwork: montage of line drawing with ink and acrylic paint on art board, 34cm x 46cm

George’s A2 print
Dune Guild Tug for George K

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  1. Now that I have it framed and hung, it’s truly a sight! Thank you so much for your care and kind consideration! An amazing piece, and I recommend it to any and all Foss fans.

  2. I really would like to get one of these but I dont really have a job.

  3. Mike - Singapore

    I received my prints when I returned from London last Friday. Am very pleased with both and will certainly be ordering some more once I get them nicely framed and hung in my ‘mancave”. I really like the Robots of Dawn’ painting – I think I will purchase that one next.
    Many thanks.