What’s Chris up to now?
From his studios in Guernsey and Dorset, Chris continues to experiment with new techniques and mediums.

The airbrush is still in use but he now mainly paints using brush and oil paint rather than acrylics. He especially enjoys figure work, landscapes and 3D model design and making (by hand not computer!).

Except from Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss
Out July 21st UK & Sept 6th 2011 USA.

Chris was born in 1946 on Guernsey in the Channel Islands. His family had a long history on Guernsey, both Chris’ parents were public school teachers who worked in Devon, so he and his parents, and Chris’ younger brother, lived on the UK mainland in Devon during term time, returning to the island when possible during the holidays.

Chris sketching landscape on fine art print

YouTube Preview Image

Even before he started school, Chris was absorbing influences from the world around him, recalling “all the gutted houses in Exeter which had been bombed in the War.” During WWII the Channel Islands had been occupied by German troops from 1940 until 1945 (the only part of the British Isles to be invaded and occupied by German forces during the war). Hitler felt the islands were strategic to the invasion of Britain and ordered the construction of a series of fortifications around the coast of Guernsey and the larger island, Jersey.


Chris was born less than a year after the end of World War II, and these imposing structures made a lasting impression on him. He recalls , “The German fortifications in Guernsey were almost brand-new when I was exploring them from about the age of seven. I’d be quite scared because there’d be warning signs and barbed wire. They were crudely sealed and not too difficult to get into; there was a real excitement to worming my way into the elaborate bunker complexes and occasionally finding odd bits and pieces the Germans had left behind. It was quite an eerie experience as I’d be on my own and no one knew I was there. There was a curious depressive atmosphere in there. In some of the towers the wallpaper and decorations the Germans had put up to make them more homely were still there.”


  1. Look into Zbrush it is digital sculpting great program with a tablet. Good to see you still active, I myself have been rather stagnant as a career, thanks to the economy and tastes.

  2. Thanks for the artwork. I was a kid in the 70′s and grew up with the EE Doc Smith books with your covers. I used to stare at those covers for ages, imagining myself in the stupendous machines.

  3. I love Sci-Fi art from the 70s, 80s and 90s. If only more artists who were active at that time had a websites with a blog and a youtube channel. It is great to watch videos with your favorite artist – hear him speak and see him draw.
    Cheers Dawid, I appreciate your kind comment & do post a question if you have one for Chris & I’ll do my best to get him to answer it next time I see him. All best,Imogene

  4. Mr Foss,

    A huge influence on my proto-career as a filmmaker. Currently finishing retro 1950s sci-fi feature On The Shoulders of Giants; but even before I started this project I’d already travelled through outer space with your images.

    My fave book – 21st Century Foss.

    Keep going.

    Cheers Kenneth, best of luck with your project and here’s to many more exciting journeys and soft landings.

  5. Bon soir Chris!

    Un blast du passe… est ce que tu as toujours un train dans ton jardin?!

    Looks as if you are as prolific as ever which is great.

    From your old friends Susie and Marcus

  6. Dear Chris,
    I am currently doing a postgraduate research module at Nuca. My research theme in investigating the representation of the future.
    I was wondering I could ask you how you go about creating you own visions of the future? Do you take in to account the current situtation of the world, ie enviromental issues, current technology advancements. Or is it from pure imagination? And has your view of predicted future visions altered from your views in the past?
    Any insight in your thinking would be much appreciated. You can reply to my Email address if easier.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Andy Rhodes

  7. Hello Chris

    I’d like to get in touch with regards to a really exciting creative project I’m working on with WETA (

    Please drop me a line.

    Yours respectfully


  8. Hi Chris I’ve had your artwork since the mid seventies I was always a big sci fi fan but your work was a dream come true, to a young teenager and I spent many a time listening to tangerine dream looking at your artwork and getting off to sleep with your work burned into my head,your work Chris is simply on another planet thanks

  9. Dear Chris,
    I work as a full time freelance sci fi and fantasy illustrator on book covers and your illustrations were and still are a great inspiration for me.

    Thank you for all you’ve produced.